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Normal Commands

  • work beg rob pay balance profile withdraw deposit daily shop buy sell use scout fish heist pm hunt prestige mine

Gambling Commands

  • bet slots blackjack

Pet Commands

  • pet pet feed pet name pet hunt pet store pet buy


  • - Gg connect - join the voice channel you are in.
  • - Gg disconnect - leave the voice channel you are in.
  • - Gg qplay - Quickly plays the song which you have set in your database.
  • - Gg qplay-set - Sets the song in your database to play when the command qplay is run.
  • - Gg rplay - Plays a random song from youtube.
  • - Gg play <Song Name or url> - play songs from youtube.
  • - Gg pause - pause currently playing songs in the server.
  • - Gg resume - resume paused songs in the server.
  • - Gg queue - shows the song queue of the server.
  • - Gg skip - skips to next song in the queue.
  • - Gg skipto <Target number> - Multiple skips until target.
  • - Gg stop - stops the song and clears the queue.
  • - Gg volume <volume count or none> - see or adjust volume of songs.
  • - Gg np - see now playing song.
  • - Gg lyrics - get lyrics of current song.
  • - Gg shuffle - shuffle and randomize the queue.
  • - Gg invite - get invite link for the bot.
  • - Gg loop - enable / disable loop for the currently playing song.
  • - Gg remove <Target number> - remove a song from the queue.
  • - Gg mhelp - to see this command :)

Image generation

  • gay, ad, delete, beautiful, rip, wanted, facepalm, bobross, spank, stonk, tattoo, poutine, invert, greyscale, sepia, blink, confused, triggered, affect, bed, confused, slap, kiss, hitler, karaba, crush, airpods, bill, meth, captcha, continued, linus


  • animewal, scrap

Fun commands

  • meme dog banner cat joke


  • ttt aittt dice 8ball akinator

Chat bot (premium only) Buy

  • chatbot enable {channel} (to enable chat bot on that channel)
  • chatbot disable (to disable chat bot in the server)


  • enable disable settings invite vote


  • embed
More coming soon!

Welcome Commands

  • set-welcome set-welcome-embed test-welcome
Remember to use "gg" before any command: gg help
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