These are the rules, any broken will result in an account ban/reset!

List of Rules:

  • No trading of Jelly Coins (JC) outside of the bot (Netflix Accs, Discord Nitro, Spotify & more)
  • No Scamming Users on trading (If scammed, provide prove to us screen shots/video and your items/Jc can be restored)
  • No Kind Of Rasicm based on anything (includes to any fun command)
  • Must Not DM owner For items and JC (can be instantly banned/reset)
  • JC for invites is prohibited
  • No kind of advertisements using the bot.
  • No Copying of codes by the owner
  • No Bot Spamming, includes sending gg work multiple times
  • No use of Macro/Scripts (can be instantly banned/reset)
Want to report a user? join our support guild or dm Jelly Dev#8072

That is all, have fun! - jelly bot team 🧸

Last modified 6mo ago